Here are just a slected few of my Clients.

  • Jason Curtis Jason is a client of ours, we are also a clienty of his! Just how good business should be. We look after Jason's hosting and complicated backend stuff and he makes us look good. He has designed our new site.
  • Mass Dynamic Is another company we partner with, again we look after their and their clients hosting and they look after the content for our sites that need regular updating.
  • Hollywood Cinemas This was a site we inherited. We now (with the help of mass dynamic) keep the showtimes and film content updated on a weekly basis. We also provide a simple CMS system so that they can admin their promitions. We look after a few cinemas and theatre sites using the same system.
  • Leftons Furniture Besides hosting this clients website we also look after their in house IT (as service we no longer offer to anyone else as we like to dedicate our time to web projects). We also are involved with their email marketing and work closely with their marketing partner.
  • Spring Leisure Whilst this particular company isn't that active now. We built a bespoke update system using a combination of off line and on line databases, custom router setups and web front ends so that their clients could update content on display systems (that we wrote the player to) around Europe. Using the same links allowed them to remote admin these systems and change content as and when they wished and last but not least the systems reported back regularly, and if they didn't support staff were alerted.
  • Current Project Whist we regularly maintain our system and look after our clients every once and a while we get a BIG project. We are on with one of those such projects now. Its all very hush hush at the moment but watch this space.