Web hosting services today are more complex than ever. Finding the right web hosting company to provide all of the features and services you require is important. You need a web host that offers fully scalable solutions and 
has the experience to help you make the right decisions as your business grows. clientserv ltd has the answers for you. 

If you have been looking at the sometimes costly "off the shelf" packages that are available, but not found quite what you are looking for, then maybe we can help, we can write bespoke databases in a number of different packages which include Microsoft Access® , MySQL and PHP. We have written applications ranging from Estate Agents Databases, Sales Order Processing, Data Capture, Subscription Software to Contact Management systems.

We do not stop at business web design! Do you have family abroad or many miles away? Do you want to keep the family and friends updated with news and recent photo's? Get online and get a starter pack complete with domain name and hosting. 

  • Web Hosting from £120 year
    including 1Gb Web space, 10 POP3 Accounts, 5Gb traffic + more 
  • Full CSS Web Design from £300
    Complete web design packages available and re-vamping packages available for that web site that lacks the professional look.
  • Domain Name Registration
    We can regsiter your domain name or transfer your existing domain over to us to host.
  • Bespoke Databases
    Online and Offline bespoke databases available.
  • You Get What You Pay For!
    We do not overload our servers with thousands of websites. We believe in the old saying, "You Get What You Pay For!" Beware of "have it all for low price" web hosting companies! Some web hosting providers give way to much for way too little, which just doesn't leave them with the resources necessary to provide good customer service, fast high-end servers and high-quality bandwidth. Without these three components in a web host, you are left on your own with a slow, inefficient website that has frequent downtime.