Welcome to Clientserv Ltd.

The best and only hosting you’ll ever need (or your money back*).

Hello and welcome to Clientserv’s website. We are a small family run company that established itself back in 2004 and have been providing what our customers consider the best hosting there is since. We started Clientserv out of the need to help our clients get better a hosting service. Originally we provided IT consultancy, set up networks, created databases etc (and we still do look after a few clients that way) but as the years went on we were being asked more and more to point them to good hosting however what we found was either too big to care about a small business or someone running their services from a PC in a back room, in fact no sooner we found someone to recommend something would go wrong, sites would go offline for days, systems wouldn’t be kept updated. Some imposed ridiculous limitations like 100mb email boxes. One host just disappeared overnight. It wasn’t good and we knew we could do better. So, after a moving my clients from hosts to host we decided it was time to set up our own and Clientserv was born.

  • Hosting only £150 year
    including .co.uk or .com domain. SSL Protected and all the email/ space/bandwidth your site needs*. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. (other domains available for an extra cost.)
  • Full responsive web design from £500
    Complete web design, revamping of a tired site or self-build sites. Responsive means your site looks as good on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop – its also what Google likes.
  • Domain Name Registration
    Each hosting package includes a domain that we keep registered each year that you stay with us or if you already have a domain you can transfer it to us and we will look after that. The domain goes in YOUR name (unlike a lot of our er… competitors) this means in the unlikely event something happens to us you still have access to your domain.
  • WordPress maintenance £50 per month
    More and more clients are setting their sites up using WordPress and with the ease of use who can blame them. The trouble is once the site is set up they tend to be just left alone. Meanwhile, the plugins, theme’s that are used in your site are all being constantly updates due to feature enhancements or more importantly because a problem has been found in the code that could expose your site to abuse. This is one of those occasions that ‘if it’s not broken’ ethos doesn’t work. At best your site will just one day stop working because of a server update at worst a hacker may place malicious code on your site and you may not be aware of it. Meaning your site may be responsible for doing untold damage to visitors! Sounds extream but due to the popularity of WordPress, it is now one of the most attacked software. Our WordPress maintenance service helps in preventing this. For £50 per month, we install bespoke plugins which actively monitor your site for malicious code, update any out of date plug in’s, theme’s and WordPress  code, Backs up your site and places copies to a remote server, checks for uptime, speed’s up access (a google flag!) plus a lot more and more being added as we go along. 
  • We are a small family firm
    Large web developers / hosting companies have to charge a fortune just to keep their staff at work or take on millions of sites that overload their servers but enable them to charge pennies. We believe in charging a fair price for the best and only hosting you will ever need*  We are a small family firm and have a very good reputation for helping small business establish themselves online. 
  • Did you say small?
    Yes but that doesn’t mean we can’t cope. We are a small company and have no ambitions of being any bigger but our support network is MASSIVE, we have several freelance web designers we can call upon with expertise in php, html, jquey and load of other acronyms that we probably don’t need to understand# that are more than capable of any project. Our servers are looked after by teams of techies at no less than two data centres which mean we get to do the best bit and provide the personal support you need. 

*  In the unlikely event that any new client doesn’t like what we do within 30 days we will refund you (less £50 domain cost) and transfer them to a host of their choice.

# We do know what all these acronyms mean and make sure you get the right designer which could very well be us!