Earth day 2022

Yesterday was earth day, I just thought I’d tell you more about our contribution to efficiency.

A few months back I was pleased to announce that your hosting (if it is with me) became powered by 100% renewable energy. Now, this isn’t some flowery offset, plant a tree to undo the damage I’m going to do scheme (although that is better than doing nothing).
This is power obtained from solar and wind farms and supplied to the UK data centres that we use.
However, that’s just part of the story, it’s one thing having an efficient supply but if you just waste it then… well it’s a waste so the power we get goes into data centres with a PUE (power usage effectiveness) of 1.12.
PUE describes how efficient a data centre is (the lower the better). Most hosts have a PUE of 1.2 or higher.

The team that developed the hosting platform I use (and is unavailable anywhere else), has autoscaling technology. This ensures that when a website becomes busy, it can be allocated the resources of the entire hosting platform: multiple servers. Unlike other companies, your website isn’t bound to a single server.

The key to this eco-friendly offering is that this also works in reverse. If a website is no longer busy, it will take up fewer resources: processors, RAM and their associated cooling tech. Fewer resources mean less electricity used, and ultimately, a reduction in harmful emissions. If you want an to grab some low hanging fruit in regards to your carbon footprint and you don’t already have your hosting with me feel free to reach out and Contact me

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