You have reached here from one of the books I’ve produced (I guess). As a thank you for purchasing, I would like to offer you free hosting for 6 months, which is handy if you have just set up a new business!
This is a new offer and I’ve yet to create the page for it so please bear with me. If you are desperate then email me at offer@clientserv.co.uk

In short, the offer is our all-you-can-eat hosting for 6 months it will then renew at either £180 per year (self-maintained) or £50 per month (we maintain). If you already have a domain you can point or transfer for free too (note some extensions are chargeable to transfer but that’s not us that’s the registry or your old provider). If you need one then we can provide one for a nominal charge starting at £10 for .uk or .com

I’ll update the offer with more info soon

Offer may be cancelled or changed at any time.