Who is Clientserv and what are we about?

We are a family run company that established itself back in 2004 and have been providing what our customers consider the best hosting there is since. Clientserv was started out of the need to help our clients get better hosting services.

Originally I provided IT consultancy, set up networks, created databases etc but as the years went on I was being asked more and more to point them to good hosting however what I found was either too big to care about a small business or someone running their services from a PC in a back room, in fact, several times, no sooner had I thought we’d found someone to recommend something would go wrong, sites would go offline for days, systems wouldn’t be kept updated. Some imposed ridiculous limitations like 100mb email boxes.

One host just disappeared overnight. It wasn’t good and I knew I could do better. So, after moving my clients from host to host I decided enough was enough and it was time to set up my own… So I did and ClientServ was born.

So contact me to arrange an informal chat about how I can help you with your hosting issues. Whether it be a slow site, an abandoned host, site being held to ransom or something else after 18+ years I’ve come across and solved most issues.

Thank you for your time to read my little introduction.

Lyn Hartley (he/him) founder